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Axial piston hydraulic pumps and motors

Adjustable hydraulic pumps and motors

Adjustable hydraulic pumps and motors

Fixed hydraulic pumps and motors

Fixed hydraulic pumps and motors

In our store you can always buy a hydraulic pump or motor at reasonable price. These hydraulic components are used in hydraulic dries of different special equipment and are main components for operation of all the system. Are often used in manipulators, auto cranes, agriculture and road-building vehicles.

Hydraulic pump provides supply of hydraulic liquid when mechanical energy of hydraulic drive of the motor is transformed into fluid energy. The unit pumps the liquid to tubes, creating a pressure in hydraulic system.

Created energy is transformed to rotation of output spindle by hydraulic motor. It is responsible for actuation of operating mechanism. When hydraulic motor fails, the use of hydraulic system is impossible. For these reasons it is important to choose reliable deices that can resist required usage conditions.

Types of equipment

We have a wide range of hydraulic pumps and motors, so you can find a model with convenient characteristic. Devices are classified by two main criteria:

  • working principle - gear-type and axial piston
  • volume - adjustable or fixed.

Each equipment type has its own particularities of construction that define application sphere. Device is selected depending on economical and technical convenience. Operation liquid purity, system capacity must be taken into consideration when choosing a device.

Also, hydraulic gear-type pumps are used for mobile equipment with low power, medium or low pressure values in the system, These models don’t require high purity of operation liquid, have moderate price and relatively short life.

Axial-piston hydraulic pump has higher price due to longer life period. Also it can be used in medium and high pressure, resists cyclical external load. Depending on configuration it can work in closed and open hydraulic system, it is possible to use additional regulators of consumption and pressure.

Wide range of equipment

In catalog you can find a wide range of hydraulic equipment from trusted brands. This means, that:

  • Each unit is tested and corresponds to the indicated GOSTs;
  • The production is certified according to national and international quality standards;
  • Official manufacturer’s warranty is provided;
  • The kit includes technical passport with specified requirements of usage that allow to extend service life of the equipment.

In our company you can by hydraulic pumps and motors at reasonable price with fast delivery all over Russia by selected transport company. Also we offer service assistance, professional repair, component delivery.

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