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Repair of hydromanipulators

Promgidravlika-S performs repair and maintenance of lifting equipment - manipulators and articulating cranes. We are official representative of Belmash, Palfinger, Inman, Solombalsky Machinery Plant. Due to collaboration with manufacturers we have a variety of undercarriage system elements in stock. Also you can order other components and parts that will be delivered in the shortest terms.

Repair is performed by experienced masters. Repair works are based on manufacturer’s recommendations to provide a complete performance restoration of lifting machines.

To provide a safe work of lifting equipment a regular technical maintenance is required, as well as in-time replacement of wearing parts and failed elements. In case of any failures in manipulator operation you can contact us for diagnosis.

At Promgidralika-S  facilities the official service center was opened. We offer repair of special equipment as of official partners, so of Korean, Japan manipulators and equipment based on different vehicles. To know more about possibilities of repair of the manipulator’s model you are interested in, please contact our manager.

Wide range of professional works

We make repair of different complexity and technical maintenance of special vehicles. We have extensive experience in restoration of log carriers, trucks for metal after damages of any complexity.

We offer a complete diagnosis of hydraulic manipulators. We can offer the following works:

  • Repair of swing bearing;
  • Repair and adjustment of hydraulic distributor;
  • Repair of hydraulic cylinders;
  • Repair of hydraulic pumps and motors;
  • Repair of rotators;
  • Manufacture and repair of high-pressure hoses;
  • Replacement of filter elements of hydraulic system;
  • Additional hydraulic units for manipulator;
  • Hole boring and overlaying of joints of metal structures and working tools.

Regardless of the task we guarantee reliable results, complete restoration of technical parameters of the equipment. We work under cost calculation and observe work schedules.

We recommend to perform technical maintenance regularly. This allows to determine operating life of parts, need in oil replacement, detect other failures in time. Thus you can prevent emergencies and reduce the cost of repair.

Repair of boom

Articulating crane boom is one of the most vulnerable and complex equipment. Hydraulic part or supporting iron damages are possible. Experiences masters perform a qualified repair using welding of beam, boom, arm, base and other elements.

In case of serious damages manipulator must be transported to our base in Izhevsk. Besides restoration of metal parts of manipulator we offer adjustment of hydraulic components.

Complete service list of Promgidralika-S includes:

  • All types of hydraulic unit repair;
  • Repair of breakdown of working tools (grabs), beam, boom, arms and extension;
  • Replacement and installation of manipulator components;
  • Preventative maintenance and diagnosis of manipulator;
  • Service warranty and post-warranty technical maintenance.

We offer transparent terms of business. It is possible contracting for permanent service or single repair. In any case the cost of works is calculated according to approved price list. We do not perform repair and component replacement without previous agreement with the Client. 

We observe terms and use only high-quality and certified spare parts from manufacturer. So we are sure in quality of repair and give our guarantee. Thanks to this responsible approach, those, who asked us for assistance become our regular customers.

Repair of ОМТЛ-97 manipulator produced by Velmash

Manipulator was completely restored by our specialists. All hydraulic components were repaired and tested on tester station:

  • Hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic distributors, hydraulic pump, rotator;
  • Wasted holes were restored by boring and facing - beam and boom, boom and arm, extension with suspension connected to grab;
  • Hydraulic tubes were replaced and high-pressure hoses were manufactured;
  • Bushings and sleeves in swing bearing of manipulator and extension were replaced.

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