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Repair of hydraulic pumps and motors

PromGidravlika-S repairs hydraulic motors in Izhevsk using original spare parts. Company is dealer of some big brands, cooperates with official suppliers that allows to make quick orders for missing spare parts to restore equipment.

Our specialists are well experienced in work with axial piston, radial piston, gerotor and vane-type mechanisms. If necessary a replacement of all main blocks to restore fabric parameters in short terms is possible.

An overhaul repair of hydraulic pumps allows to obtain an effective renewed equipment and to reduce costs. We use modern technologies to remove defects to quickly resolve the problem and reduce stand-by time.

A hydraulic pump repair is often needed in case of the following failures:

  • High-pressure hose failure occurs due to use of improper oil or increased pressure in the system;
  • Oil leaks can be caused by mechanical damages or natural wear of components that leads to loss of tightness;Instable work of safety valve usually occurs due to severe wear;
  • Quick oil contamination - the problem occurs as a result of filter failure or elevated mechanism wear;
  • Deficient pressure in the system can be provokes by deformation of main blocks, contamination of hydraulic liquid or end of life of other elements.

Also clients claim failure or wear of distributors, valves, axles, bearings, regulators and seals.

Main work stages

Professional repair of hydraulic pumps is realized in several steps:

  • Complete disassembly of equipment using special tools;
  • Revision and diagnosis of failure. It is important not only to find the problem, but also its cause to exclude failures if equipment in the future;
  • Dismounting of components from the body for detailed examination and replacement;
  • Defect identification of spare parts to evaluate its aptitude for the following work;
  • Washing of body using special liquids to remove all impurities;
  • Additional welding of body if there is evidence of strong wear or damage;
  • Replacement of parts or blocks that can not be restored;
  • Adjustment of components and installation of new sealings to provide maximum effective working mode;
  • Assembly of equipment and test on testing station - test results must coincide with characteristic recommended by the manufacturer.

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