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Repair of hydraulic distributors

For safe repair of hydraulic distributors in Izhevsk, PromGidravlika-S offers:

  • Quality works of any complexity using high-technology equipment;
  • Repair of equipment of national and foreign production;
  • Original spare parts for reasonable price - the company is an official dealer of several popular brands;
  • Quick order fulfillment - large amount of components always in stock;
  • Delivery of restored equipment by transport company to any city of Russia.

Presentation “Repair of hydraulic distributors”, .PDF


Depending on damage character parts can be restored or replaced for new ones. Previously hydraulic distributor is carefully checked to offer an appropriated repair method. We guarantee that operating parameters of the equipment will comply with those specified by the manufacturer.

Application Denomination
Distributor type
ЭО-2621/2626/2627 Р-100 ( 3 way valve
Р-200 (26.6850.000) 4 way valve
ЭО-3323/3322/3326/ 4321, МТП-71 ГГ-420Б-01/02/03/04
4224-24.00.000 3 sec
4224-25.00.000 4 sec
ЭО-4125/4225А 4125.24.00.000/4125.25.00.000 3 sec
ЭО-4321/5015 10.16.(17/18)00.000
ЭО-5122/23/24 ЭО-5221/5124А/5225 5122-06-09-000-5 (Hydraulic cylinder) hydraulic unit
5122-09-11-000-7 (stroke) hydraulic unit
5122-09-11-000-7 (stroke) hydraulic unit
ТО-18/28/30 РС25.20 2 sec
РС25.20 3 sec
РГС25Г (with hydraulic control) 2 sec
ЕК/ЕТ-12/14/18, ЭО-3323А ГР-520.00 10 sec
Swing 1 sec
Stroke 1 sec
Pressure 1 sec
Boom, arm, scoop 1 sec
Relief 1 sec
УДС-214 РS 25
РS 32
ДЗ-122/143/180 РХ-346 3 кк 3, РС50.16 2 sec
РХ-346 3 ккк 3 3 sec
РХ-346 3 кккк 3 4 sec
РХ-346 3 кккк 3 5 sec
РХ-346 1 ж..ж 4 6 sec
РХ-346 3 кк..кк 3 10 sec
Manlift, agriculture equipment Р75,80 (3/1, 3/3)-222 and modifications 3 sec
К-700, Т-130(170) Р 160 (3,1)-111/222 3 sec
Crane trucks У063.00.000.3 (main) Р-32.160 4 sec
У4690.06.901, ГР2-3 (24В/12В) (main) 1 sec
РМ20-01 (ГРС20-01) (main) 2 sec
РМ-12-05(supports) (РХ346) 5 sec
Public works truck

RМ-276 6 sec
RМ-316 6 sec
HCD-6/6 6 sec
КА-18 6 sec
РМ-12-06 6 sec
РМ-12-80 8 sec. 8 sec
РМ-12-107 10 sec. 10 sec

Quality and quick repair of hydraulic distributors

We can perform an overhaul and scheduled repair of hydraulic distributors in Izhevsk. Our staff is qualified to repair single-block ans sectional equipment, units with electromagnetic or hydraulic control.

The most common failures:

  • Hydraulic motor doesn’t move or pressure in its cavities doesn’t align - due to problems with electric magnets, valve;
  • When switching distributor the valve has partial stroke or equipment tool moves irregulary/slowly - it can be caused due do deformations or impurities in valve, strong damage of body or broken spring;
  • Oil leaks appear if clamp holdings are loosen, sealing are failed or under mounting surface are foreign elements.

Equipment restoration methods

Quality repair of hydraulic distributors means that the equipment will work as new one. There are two method to resolve a problem:

  1. Restoration of operating surfaces. For this purpose are used defect detection, disassembly and cleaning of main blocks, valve restoration with plating technology. After that all contact surfaces are renewed, except for surge valve and other elements. Also sealings and washers are replaced.
  2. Replacement of working parts. After defect detection we determine what elements should be replaced. Usually it is valve, surge valve, auto power-off sleeve. Additionally we restore units and replace sealings and washers.
    Regardless of the kind of repair, on the last step the equipment is assembled and tested on special testing station. This allow to guarantee that the equipment is ready for active use. Also repair specialist paint and pack the equipment.

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