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Pumps series MASTER, Gidrosila

Product information

Working volume, cm3
от 6 до 60 

Rated pressure, bar

от 160 до 200

Max. short-period

pressure, bar

от 210 до 250

Max. peak pressure, bar

от 250 до 280 


rate speed, rpm

от 2400 до 4200  


rate speed, rpm

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Gear pumps for hydraulic systems with nominal pressure up to 160 bar. Operation capacity 6...100 cm. Simple and reliable construction proved by years of use in hundred thousands of cars that are used all over the world. High efficiency and long-term service life make these pumps best in segment.

Pump НШ6М-3

Pump НШ10М-3

Pump НШ14М-3

Pump НШ16М-3

Pump НШ20М-4

Pump НШ25М-3

Pump НШ25М-4

Pump НШ32М-3

Pump НШ32М-4

Pump НШ40М-3

Pump НШ40М-4

Pump НШ50М-3

Pump НШ50М-4

Pump НШ100M-3

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