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Articulation friction type bearings ШСП, ШСЛ (without gasket ring)

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Item number Element denomination
ШСП5 Bearing ШСП5 Equivalent GE5E
ШСП6 Bearing ШСП6 Equivalent GE6E
ШСП8 Bearing ШСП8 Equivalent GE8E
ШСП10 Bearing ШСП10 Equivalent GE10E
ШСП12 Bearing ШСП12 Equivalent GE12E
ШСП15 Bearing ШСП15 Equivalent WCN15
ШСП16 Bearing ШСП16 Equivalent GE16E
ЕШСП17К Bearing ЕШСП17К Equivalent GE17ES
ШСП20К Bearing ШСП20К Equivalent GE20ES
ШСП25К Bearing ШСП25К Equivalent GE25ES
ШСП30К Bearing ШСП30К Equivalent GE30ES
ШСП35К Bearing ШСП35К Equivalent WCN15К
ШСП40К Bearing ШСП40К Equivalent GE40ES
ШСП45К Bearing ШСП45К Equivalent WCN45К
ШСП50К Bearing ШСП50К Equivalent GE50ES
ШСП55К Bearing ШСП55К Equivalent GE55ES
ШСП60К Bearing ШСП60К Equivalent GE60ES
ШСЛ60К Bearing ШСЛ60К Equivalent WCN60К
ШСЛ70К Bearing ШСЛ70К Equivalent GE70ES
ШСЛ80К Bearing ШСЛ80К Equivalent WCN80
ШСП80К Bearing ШСП80К Equivalent GE80ES

Bearing Equivalent GE90ES
ШСЛ90К Bearing ШСЛ90К Equivalent WCN90К
ШСЛ90К1 Bearing ШСЛ90К1 Equivalent WCN90К1
ШСП100К Bearing ШСП100К Equivalent GE100ES
ШСП110К Bearing ШСП110К Equivalent GE110ES
9ШС110К Bearing
ШСП120К Bearing ШСП120К Equivalent GE120ES
ШСП130К Bearing ШСЛ130К Equivalent WCN130К
GEG40ES Bearing
GEG50ES Bearing
GEG60ES Bearing
GE70SW Bearing
GE80SW Bearing
GEG90ES Bearing
GEG160ES Bearing

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