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Metal-fluoroplastic bushing DU


Размеры 12x14x12 – 90х95х60
Application Cars, aviation, agriculture vehicles, textile industry, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, motors, pumps, lifting equipment, press, extrusion equipment.
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- Steel + sintered bronze + PTFE±Pb

- Metal-polymer composite

- self-lubricated and nonsupervised


  • dry, slidable material with excellent durability and low friction to be used in wide range of load, speed and temperature.
  • good results under load using lubricant.



Pillars and shock absorbers, fixture of hood, door, steering wheel rod, screen-wiper, gear box, pedal bearings, diesel and benzine pumps, ABC-system, trailer joints, clutch.


Cars, aviation, agriculture vehicles, textile industry, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, motors, pumps, research equipment, office equipment, lifting equipment, press, extrusion equipment.

Equipment used in water.

Metal-fluoroplastic bushings (DU):

Bushing DU1212 (12x14x12)

Bushing DU1215 (12x14x15)

Bushing DU1220 (12x14x20)

Bushing DU1225 (12x14x25)

Bushing DU1410 (14x16x10)

Bushing DU1420 (14x16x20)

Bushing DU1512 (15x17x12)

Bushing DU1520 (15x17x20)

Bushing DU1525 (15x17x25)

Bushing DU1615 (16x18x15)

Bushing DU1620 (16x18x20)

Bushing DU1625 (16x18x25)

Bushing DU1720 (17x19x20)

Bushing DU1810 (18х20х10)

Bushing DU1820 (18х20х20)

Bushing DU1825 (18х20х25)

Bushing DU2012 (20х23х12)

Bushing DU2015 (20х23х15)

Bushing DU2020 (20х23х20)

Bushing DU2025 (20х23х25)

Bushing DU2030 (20х23х30)

Bushing DU2215 (22х25х15)

Bushing DU2225 (22х25х25)

Bushing DU2230 (22х25х30)

Bushing DU2420 (24х27х20)

Bushing DU2425 (24х27х25)

Bushing DU2430 (24х27х30)

Bushing DU2520 (25х28х20)

Bushing DU2530 (25х28х30)

Bushing DU2540 (25х28х40)

Bushing DU2550 (25х28х50)

Bushing DU2815 (28х32х15)

Bushing DU2820 (28х32х20)

Bushing DU2830 (28х32х30)

Bushing DU2825 (28х32х25)

Bushing DU3015 (30х34х15)

Bushing DU3020 (30х34х20)

Bushing DU3025 (30х34х25)

Bushing DU3030 (30х34х30)

Bushing DU3040 (30х34х40)

Bushing DU3220 (32х36х20)

Bushing DU3225 (32х36х25)

Bushing DU3230 (32х36х30)

Bushing DU3520 (35х39х20)

Bushing DU3530 (35х39х30)

Bushing DU3540 (35х39х40)

Bushing DU4020 (40х44х20)

Bushing DU4030 (40х44х30)

Bushing DU4040 (40х44х40)

Bushing DU4045 (40х44х45)

Bushing DU4050 (40х44х50)

Bushing DU4520 (45х50х20)

Bushing DU4530 (45х50х30)

Bushing DU4540 (45х50х40)

Bushing DU4550 (45х50х50)

Bushing DU4560 (45х50х60)

Bushing DU5030 (50х55х30)

Bushing DU5040 (50х55х40)

Bushing DU5050 (50х55х50)

Bushing DU5060 (50х55х60)

Bushing DU5525 (55х60х25)

Bushing DU5540 (55х60х40)

Bushing DU5550 (55х60х50)

Bushing DU5560 (55х60х60)

Bushing DU6040 (60х65х40)

Bushing DU6050 (60х65х50)

Bushing DU6060 (60х65х60)

Bushing DU6070 (60х65х70)

Bushing DU6520 (65х70х20)

Bushing DU6540 (65х70х40)

Bushing DU6550 (65х70х50)

Bushing DU6560 (65х70х60)

Bushing DU6570 (65х70х70)

Bushing DU7050 (70х75х50)

Bushing DU7560 (75х80х60)

Bushing DU8060 (80х85х60)

Bushing DU8530 (85х90х30)

Bushing DU9060 (90х95х60)

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